Secure Window has 4 different models. They range from the flash based, single core (Main CPU) to Dual core and hard drive versions.

There are clearly different models to cover all your secure internet communications. They cover all your internet needs and privacy plus peace of mind, security.

Choose the model that best fits your needs.

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The East Coast Data Center:
Model SW110 (Taking orders):
  • Model SW110 is a Flash based computer. It has 16 Giga Bytes of drive and can be fitted up to 64 Gig for special orders.
  • It is great for smaller accounts where you need top security with quick turn on/ turn off functionality.
  • SW110 is highly low power and can last up to 10 years.
  • A separate Encryption processor is built into the main CPU.
Model SW210 (Taking orders):
  • Model SW210 is Hard drive based.
  • It is great for file storage, Backup of your laptop drive, backup folders from your desktop (or any combination).
  • It's excellent for your personal and family web sites. You can create multiple web sites, email accounts, file folder spaces with different and unique passwords to protect them.
  • You can use it to share data, videos, photos, music with your Family, Coworkers or close friends.
Model SW310 (Pre-order Now):
  • Model SW310 has a very large hard drive.
  • It is great for large storage of your Media files. It is great for Albums and catalogs of files, photos, and videos. There is room to create many folders to share with different people.
  • with 2000 Gig of hard disk and 100 Gig of free transfer; you can satisfy most demanding internet file storage and file sharing.
  • As with all packages; you can get as much premium bandwidth as you need at a very low per gig pricing.
Model SW410 (Available 4/2012):
  • Model SW410 is a dual core processor for groups, Small businesses, and Families.
  • SW410 Can process a small businesses web site and other demanding applications. It still uses only about 10% of the power of the larger web servers.
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