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Fundamentally, the Internet is not secure or private and consumes too much power. On top of this, currently available secure options - such as dedicated servers - are expensive and require an IT professional to run and maintain. Our solution: SecureWindow web servers. SecureWindow’s Web Computers tackle privacy, security, and power usage issues. SecureWindow offers a secure, private, and green alternative to high-priced managed dedicated servers.


  • Private, secure, and controlled by you.
  • Ability to turn server on or off at your discretion, via PC, laptop, or Smartphone
  • Ability to delete files directly from web drives at any time.
  • Each server is independent, complete with operating system, software, and drives..
  • Securely store all important documents and media files on your SecureWindow computer, putting it to sleep during inactivity. Wake it up instantly at any time to access your data.
  • While server is inactive the risk of hacking, spam, or identify theft is nonexistent.
  • Automatically sync any folder on your PC or laptop to your SecureWindow server.
  • Share any file or folder safely and securely.
  • You can choose from thousands of FTP client software programs or use SecureWindow FTP for free. .
  • Securely access your server through your Smartphone using a unique code..
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