Data Centers
To better server it's customers, Secure Window, uses server facilities in east coast and west coast USA. Our data center in the East coast is built away from all the high risk areas while it's highly connected and redundant.
It's a SAS 70 Type II and PCI certified data center, designed to keep critical IT infrastructure running 24xForever. We use our expertise to ensure that our customers gain access to some of the most advanced, most reliable, most secure hosting environments in the world.
Our network bandwidth comes from Multiple redundant sources. So if one fails; several others can take it's place.
To deliver the highest possible levels of reliability and performance, the data center boast a redundant network of multiple fiber trunks from multiple sources, redundant power on the premises, and multiple backup generators.

Protection You Can Count On
You can trust your servers are safe. We give you the peace-of-mind to focus on growing your business. Both data centers include:
  • SAS 70 Type II certified, proving our commitment to excellence.
  • A SAS 70 audit ensures that we carefully manage and monitor every aspect of our data center to ensure customers are given the highest level of support, security, up-time and more!
  • Continuous security and surveillance
  • Live 24/7/365 network monitoring
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Power backup systems in case of local power outage
  • Redundant HVAC systems to maintain temperature and humidity levels
We build our own servers with brand name and tested components so we know how our servers work and how to quickly repair/replace them, if needed. We own our own networking technology: Inside the racks, we can build servers, firewalls, routers, VPN, and network appliances. We provide our customers with highly secure, redundant, and dynamic solutions.
The East Coast Data Center:
Power Systems:
  • Multiple & diverse utility entrances
  • Redundant diesel generators with fuel capacity for 48 hours on-site. Fuel delivery contracts with 60 minute guarantee
  • Redundant UPS systems on separate power busses for 2(N+1) architecture
Environmental Controls:
  • 2(N+1) precision Liebert 30T CRAC units
  • Constant ambient air temp of 68° (+/- 5°)
  • Constant humidity controls for 45% (+/- 5°)
  • Internal air cleaning & filtering systems
Fire Detection and Suppression:
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)
  • Pre-action, dry-pipe sprinkler systems
  • Integrated smoke & heat detection
  • 24xForever on-site security & technical staff
  • Security cameras throughout the facility
  • Biometric access controls and proximity readers
  • Double-locking man traps at data center entrance
  • All cabinets, cages and suites are privately and individually locking

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