Secure Window Affiliate Program

Join our fast growing affiliation program. Our affiliate system is free to join. We pay 10% of the first year's Secure Window. For example if customer orders one or more years of SW2000 model which is $29.95 per month; then you get $35.94. Its easy and simple.

High Converting Banners

Secure Window is a new high demand product. Everyone needs security and privacy. Your conversion rate should be several times more than many other product.

Don't have a web site? No problem

Easily email or publish time limited codes we give you. Buyers can use the code to get a discount and be your customer.

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Affiliate FAQ

Getting started as easy as 1,2,3

  1. sign up for affiliation account
  2. Select your banner and get HTML Code
  3. Place banner and code and start earnings

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